Miss Peacock

My bloggin' buddy Julie is having a Major Life Event and as part of that is collecting star blocks in peacock shades on cream.

I went digging in the batik bin and found what I thought I wanted and was about ready to make my block. Then for some other, non-related reason, I went into a box of cool color scraps and found some genuine, authentic peacock fabric! There wasn't much. Hardly any, really. And I can't remember how I acquired it. But it is precisely what I needed for Miss Peacock's star! Now put down that candlestick, Julie, and get out of the secret passage to the conservatory! You have quilting to do!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Yes, ma'am!!! (but it is more like "put down that paintbrush . . . ")

Janet O. said…
What a perfect fabric find! And you made it into a lovely, cool block.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the star block and the wonderful fabrics you found for it. I enjoyed seeing the other star blocks that have been sent it, so thanks for the link.

Are you back at home?