The Great American Fourth of July

As I've written in previous years, our little town Near Philadelphia does Independence Day big-time. We don't ever call it that, though. It's Fourth of July. The decorated bicycle and stroller competition starts the day, followed by foot races and free hot dogs. In the afternoon the pool has special events, though we've not attended those in a good many years. The parade (this year was the 110th annual!) begins at 4 p.m. and people begin to stake out turf on the parade route on the evening of July 3. Our group put up a tarp this year and had a lot of real estate. The fireworks begin precisely at 9:15 (or 9:21 or 9:23, depending on the weather).

In between the parade and the fireworks, Joe and I host a planned pot-luck picnic and this year over thirty people ranging between six months and ninety-one (or ninety-two, depending on memory and math ability) were in attendance. They consumed brats, franks, and chicken along with beans, amazing serious salads, chips and dips, beans, and wonderful veggies. All of this is washed down with beer, old-fashioned sodas with interesting flavors (I'm partial to the cherry but sometimes deflect to the cream), and gallons of iced tea. Oh, and did I mention the beans? This year's offering had been cooked for hours and hours and were reflective of the effort involved; they were the hit sensation of the evening. Until we got to the desserts, featuring a genuine Spanish flan made by the 91-or-92-year-old.

All of this was glorious. But the best part was this:

All six of our grandchildren together and smiling for one brief shining moment! Left to right: Caroline, Aberdeen, Nate, Eli, Sam and Miles!
Life is Beyond Good (sorry, Ms. G)!


Barbara Anne said…
What a glorious day of celebrations in your town near Philadelphia! There certainly is something for everybody to do, isn't there?

Love the happy, smiling faces of your sweet grandchildren! The babies have really grown quickly and the former babies aren't babies now. Did we blink and miss time passing? How delightful that so many loved ones gathered at your home!

Now that it's July 5th, we're beginning the roller-coaster ride toward Christmas. Yikes!

Quiltdivajulie said…
Blessed, indeed! That picture of the grands is PRICELESS!
Janet O. said…
Sounds like a delightful Independence Day celebration. And that sounds like quite a party you host. Do you serve beans? : )
Those "brief, shining moments" (Camelot?) are the best, aren't they?
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Love, love, love that BEST PART~ your heart (and sofa) is full; you found the happiest of all ways to celebrate! :) A framable moment.
suz said…
sounds like you had a wonderful 4th and how grand to have all your little ones together! Great photo - they are getting so big!
Laurie said…
You know, when I started following your blog in 2006 or so, I don't think any of those little guys had even been born yet! It's been a good few years. :-)

(My captcha is "oviewsew." Which seems tailor-made for both of us.)