Rainbow Wedding

On Saturday we went to a wedding. It was a double first for us -- our first Quaker wedding and our first lesbian wedding. It was a lovely way to spend a lovely afternoon.

One of the brides is a teacher at the school where I used to work and this was the first time I'd seen her since I left there. She looked radiant. As did her beloved.

I know that the reason she invited us to the wedding was because she wanted another quilt and she knew I'd make one for her. ;-) Not a problem. I went directly to a new favorite pattern, "Mazed," and to my pile of batiks and to my local machine quilter and, viola!

We were delighted and honored to attend, to bear witness to a piece of history Near Philadelphia.

Oh, and I wore something special. I couldn't count on Mother Nature to deliver a rainbow, and I knew there had to be one.

Blessings on you, dear Ana and Carol!


Janet O. said…
Beautiful quilt, Nancy. I love those shades of batik, and when you put them with black, you have a winner!
Unknown said…
Wishing the happy couple every happiness - and the quilt is beautiful too :)
Barbara Anne said…
Lovely quilt and what a delightful little rainbow!

May the couple have years of joy together!

Anonymous said…
How wonderful that two people who love each other can be joined.
Gorgeous quilt!