Star Struck

Here's my quilt that caused a bit of angst in this post. I did write to Sarah Fielke and received a lovely reply! She apologized for the error that had caused me grief. She went on to tell me that she didn't set the price for the book -- I hadn't known that the publishers did that.

Sarah directed me to the errata page on her website. Since I had written glowingly about Hand Quilted With Love on two occasions, and even encouraged purchase of the book, I think that directing readers to that errata page is the right thing to do. Sarah hadn't known about the error that I encountered and that very day she went to add the problem to the list posted. Thinking of the frustration that I had experienced with one piece of information being incorrect, I cannot begin to imagine how discouraged she must feel to have such a list of problems. She mentions having the feeling that she stares at proof pages so long that they don't make sense any more. I know what that is like!

Anyway, this is the quilt that I made for my friend's upcoming grandson. You'll prolly see it again, since I plan to hand quilt it (with love, no less!) and I'll post a pic when it is complete, likely sometime in September or October.

I was glad that I had contacted Sarah about the problem. I got the frustration out of my system. I helped other people who might want to make a baby quilt from the Made In Cherry pattern. And I got to "meet" a lady who seems just as nice as her lovely book!

I'm thinking of this quilt as "Star Struck." And I love it. Problem and all.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Your Star Struck quilt is lovely; and so are you... lovely and gracious, mistakes happen, thanks to you for bringing the error to everyone's attention. I would be SEW grateful to you too if I had been the pattern's author. That baby is going to be so glad that you persevered! ;)
Pat said…
I just love it. It does not scream ":baby", and will be a wonderful addition to a child's room for quite a while. Contacting the author of the pattern was the right way to go! It made you feel better, and will help others in the long run. It also points out that before doing a pattern of any kind, it might be a good idea to check the author's web page to see if there are any tweaks listed. That's something I never would have thought of before your experience.
Janet O. said…
It is a charming quilt! Kudos to you for choosing to hand quilt it!
I appreciate the time you took to contact the author and tell us about the result. I'm sure you have helped many.
I have heard before about checking authors' websites before using a pattern, but I seldom actually remember to do so. Haven't been burned yet, but I'm sure my day will come!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I love the balance you found in this -- so much better than fretting non stop without making an attempt to resolve the issue.

Great quilt, too.
LizA. said…
Despite all the trials, it came out absolutely lovely and I've now learned to be sure to check the errata page for any patterns I do in the future.
Barbara Anne said…
Star Struck is just delightful and will be a cozy star for the little boy for years to come. Applause!

Well done in doing the math to make the pattern work and for contacting the book author. Your comments about the problem with the pattern will help untold numbers of folks and we all know authors do want their books to be correct.

Gretchen said…
I love the colors in this quilt and it will be a wonderful gift. I hope that future printings of the book have the corrections. It can be frustrating, especially when fabric doesn't stay on the shelves long.