Thursday, July 28, 2016

Celebratory Quilt Blocks!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the history being made -- once again! -- in Philadelphia this week.  It's no secret that I'm of the Democratic persuasion, but friends from the other side of the aisle have acknowledged that this broken glass ceiling is mighty impressive. 

In that post I proposed a quick-and-easy swap of appliquéd donkeys to kind of reflect the excitement of the 57 decorated donkeys that have been placed throughout the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love.

Now I've got my donkeys and a couple of other blocks on the wall and have begun putting them together. Then I noticed that Hillary's logo just happened to be a quilt block (how ingenious of her!) and decided to include one in my project. My first rotary-cut attempt was unsuccessful and I realized that the way to accuracy was -- gasp -- paper piecing! So here's my finished block. Please don't ask for a template! I made one and used it and it's gone.

But my clever and generous friend Liza caught wind of what I was up to and since she's a fellow cat-washer, she quickly and easily figured out how to rotary cut the pieces needed for the logo. And she's asked people to share her instructions and make those blocks! I'm thinking they'd make rather nifty mug rugs and -- when things settle down just a bit -- I'm going to make a few to bestow as Gifts For No Occasion. 

Now, I don't know what your mug rug situation is. But chances are, I think, reasonably good that you could use one right about now. Y'know, in celebration of that broken glass ceiling (and now thinking that my other friend Ruth will probably grab the good old Broken Dishes block and refashion it into Broken Ceiling -- right, Ruth?), here's a picture of Liza's creation and her very, very  difficult instructions. 

Hillary Logo Block

OK, Here ya go for rotary cutting:

Blue -- Cut 2 squares 3 1/2 x 3 1/2, Cut one square 3 7/8 x 3 7/8 and bisect corner to corner. 

Red --  Cut 2 squares 3 1/2 x 3 1/2, cut 1 triangle 5 1/8 from base to tip and 10 1/4 long. Cut at 45 degrees from end to tip both ways. 

White -- Cut 2 squares 3 1/2 x 3 1/2. Cut two odd ball pieces 2" wide x 5 3/8 long and lop off a 45 degree angle at one end. 

OR, if you wish to make the arrow in two pieces, cut the red rectangle 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" Feel free to distribute the pattern.

And I'll be sharing that Broken Ceiling block as soon as Ruth come through with it!


LizA. said...

Thank you! for sharing this....

Millie said...

Love this and thanks. I enjoyed your comment about the "very very" difficult instructions. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, of course! Gonna make me one of these.

Sue SS said...

Thank you for sharing this. Not that I don't have enough projects, but this one goes to the top of the pile. Everyone is getting one of these "gifts for no occasion" And how perfect that her logo is a quilt block!!

Barbara Anne said...

Love it! I'd noticed Hillary's logo looked not so hard to piece, but appreciate the instructions. Cheers for your bravery at - gasp! - paper piecing. Well done!!!

Last night I emailed my DIL that she could now grow up to be President!! Did you see the "glass ceiling" break on the Cobert show Wednesday night?

We've long been on the Democratic bench with you ...


OT Quilter said...

Thanks for this! I spent this week watching the convention with some quilting buddies at a mini-retreat near Philadelphia. Tissues were needed. Cheers were heard. It's a thrilling time we live in. Mug rugs will be made and shared.

Elle Quilter said...

Hi! I was thinking of using this block on a quilt that might be entered in a quilt show. If needed, could I get Liz's written permission to use the pattern instructions? I plan on contacting Hillary's campaign for permission, too.