Two Baby Quilts

As you may have noticed, I have been on a finishing and photographing mission lately.

Someone admired a basket quilt that I made for the autistic school fund-raiser. That same someone is expecting her second child at the end of this summer. And since it's been my habit to make quilts for my coworkers, I decided to make this one for Sunnie's new baby.  Presenting: "It's A Girl!"

This little quilt is for a baby I won't know. Over the summer, our hand sewing group is making at least one quilt apiece for The Baby Bureau or for the VA Hospital. I wanted to get some more experience with machine quilting and I had these seven blue CW orphans hanging around, so what happened next was logical! I had fun playing with the machine quilting but don't think I would like to do it on a very large quilt!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Lovely baskets and what a wonderful baby boy quilt. Congrats for managing the machine quilting!
Janet O. said…
Love the baskets!
That is a great way to repurpose orphan blocks, and good for practicing quilting. The more you do it the more fun it becomes. : )
(Haven't seen or heard anything more about a quilt with setting triangles that were crying for feathers.)
Barbara Anne said…
Love these cheerful and cuddly quilts that will each go forth to keep some wee someone cozy. Sweet!

Well done on your adventure in machine quilting, too. I've done a few small quilts and am sure the layers won't come apart but my stitching is less than stellar. Like you, I don't think I want to attempt machine quilting a large quilt. I imagine it would be no fun whatsoever.

You're certainly on a roll!