Monday, October 29, 2018

United Kingdom Part Nine: The Cotswolds

We spent a few days in The Cotswolds, visiting churches (of course), and enjoying the beauty of the area. We were in and out of shops; Joe bought a sweater and I looked around a lot. We had a good lunch in a pub. We spent time Chipping Campden and Broadway, and one day was devoted to Shakespeare and Stratford-on-Avon, and that will be in a separate post.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

United Kingdom Part Eight: Ancient Stones

Years ago, on our first trip abroad, we saw the Coliseum in Rome. I told Honna later, "It looks just like the pictures." Except it didn't. Seeing it in person reveals its immensity. Stonehenge was like that, except there was another dimension. A feeling of mystery. There are so many unanswered questions, though our wonderful guide Kevin knew the answers to more questions than we would have thought to ask!

The elements are larger than I'd anticipated. There is a fence to keep people from climbing on the stones or defacing them. This also makes it easier to take nice pictures.

First glimpse from the bus window. I love it that you can't see the throngs of people, just the totally disinterested sheep!

On the day of the midwinter sunrise, if you stand on this spot, the sun comes up precisely inside a frame  of stone.

We'd anticipated a chilly day, wearing sweater, coat, scarf. Ended up carrying most of it! Hanging around our necks are our Road Scholar ID badges. They came with a handy pocket that holds the listening device so that the lecturer can talk with us easily, even if we are spread out a bit.

This traveler was tuned in to a dress code we were unaware of. There were a handful of silly people posing for photos in such a way that the picture would show them holding part of the structure.

After Stonehenge, we moved on to Bath.

We had a tour of the archaeological site of the Roman bath.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

United Kingdom Part Eight:: Bill and Chuck

My love for William Morris's artistry is no secret. I've been so involved with his fabrics for so long than I usually call him "Bill."

A contemporary of Bill's, one Charles Rennie Mackintosh, caught my eye not long ago, and Joe and I decided that after our Road Scholar tour ended in Edinburgh, we would travel up to Mackintosh territory, i.e., Glasgow for a few days. It turned out that on the day that we were to see all things Mackintosh, I spent a couple of hours at the Royal Infirmary and a few more in my bed. I'd picked up a cold from a Road Scholar mate, and it had settled in my chest so seriously that I was afraid I had bronchitis. So I didn't get to see much at all of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but what I did see persuaded me that he was going to be my new boyfriend, and I started thinking of him as "Chuck."

Bill's tea room at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Bill's designs at the V&A.

More Bill at the V&A.

Oops, back to Bill's Tearoom.

What I didn't anticipate was running into Bill at Brideshead Castle Howard!

This chair was part of the Bill exhibit at the V&A. So I thought it to be his design.

And THIS chair was at the Willow Tea Room in Glasgow, so it must be Chuck's design! No matter which of them designed it,
I want it.

This chair is definitely Chuck's, at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

Terrible photo of a coat rack at Chuck's tea room.

Inside the Willow Tea Room.

I was so happy to be at Willow Tea Room. You wouldn't guess how sick I was.

My wonderful tea partner.

Joe got to do about half of the Mackintosh tour that we'd planned. He loved it, and says we will have to return to Glasgow so that I can see it all. Until then, here are Bill (on the left) and Chuck (on the right).

Friday, October 26, 2018

United Kingdom Part Seven: Brideshead

Nearly forty years ago, the second best thing* I ever saw on television was produced. If you have never seen the original series of Brideshead Revisited, taken from the novel by Evelyn Waugh, you really must look into it. Trust me.

The day we went to Oxford, our tour guide pointed out Hertford College, where Sebastian and Charles were students initially and then took us on a detailed tour of Christ Church College, where additional filming for the series was done. It was a long day -- we'd spent hours at the Ashmolean before wandering around the University, and when we got back on the bus coach, all we wanted to do was sleep, which we did, dozing peacefully to his reading of Chapter One of the book.

Hertford College

Castle Howard, where much of the filming was done.

Another view of Castle Howard, aka Brideshead Castle.

One area was dedicated to the series and the different production of a film that was made later, 
with explanations about the productions. 
This photo is about the film, not the fabulous original series.

Of course, there was shopping available. In addition to the gift shop(s), I liked this produce stall.

I don't believe that these stands are there every day, judging by the appearance of the lawn. There must have been something special going on the day that we visited.

I didn't get to hear them sing, but I did like them.

This gorgeousness was at the garden center on the property.

Joe Stevens visits Brideshead Castle, which most people call Castle Howard.

*Well, of course I'll tell you what the best thing I ever saw on television. It's The Duchess of Duke Street, Masterpiece Theatre, mid-seventies, two stellar seasons.