United Kingdom Part One: Signage and Stuff

Someone observed that when a good-sized chunk of time goes by without my posting on my blog, there's a good chance that the reason is we're traveling. I plead guilty.

We left for the UK on September 20 and arrived home on October 15, having visited England, Wales, and Scotland. At the beginning and end of the trip, we were on our own in London and in Glasgow. In between, for about two and a half weeks, we were with Road Scholar for a tour called Quintessential Britain.

This was our first trip with Road Scholar and we were so impressed with the scope and organization. Our traveling companions were congenial, our lecturers were knowledgable and personable. We also liked very much the time on our own.

Rather than a day-by-day series of blog posts, I'll blog on themes and particular events, by way of sharing this experience.

The UK is full of fabulous signs. Here are some I found:

Does this man look like an antisocial driver?

Or tuppence a day.

We had English meat pies on a few occasions and liked them enormously. They also gave us wicked indigestion.

Tastier than you would think.

The very best sign -- at St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden.

This one made me think of Guenveur.

Harry-related shops were abundant.


Janet said…
I agree the St Paul's sign was brilliant 😊
Barbara Anne said…
Welcome home! What a lovely trip and one I'd love to take someday.

Yes, the sign at St. Paul's, Covenant Garden says all it should.

I look forward to your near future posts. Ta!

Susan said…
Welcome back! We’ve done six Road Schokat tours and have just booked a seventh. Had a great time on all of them and met some wonderful people
Nann said…
You're back already?! Glad to know you had a good experience with RS. As you know, we're partial.
Lori said…
Hip Hip hooray for travel!!
Love the signs! especially St Pauls.
Janet O. said…
Loved the collection of signage, Nancy. The St. Pauls sign is classic!
OTquilter said…
Thematic pictures are such a wonderful way to keep trip memories. Would that we all were as welcoming as St. Paul's.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I like this post format - rather than chronological. Those signs -- what a hoot. And the one from St. Paul's is indeed the BEST one of all.