United Kingdom Part Eight:: Bill and Chuck

My love for William Morris's artistry is no secret. I've been so involved with his fabrics for so long than I usually call him "Bill."

A contemporary of Bill's, one Charles Rennie Mackintosh, caught my eye not long ago, and Joe and I decided that after our Road Scholar tour ended in Edinburgh, we would travel up to Mackintosh territory, i.e., Glasgow for a few days. It turned out that on the day that we were to see all things Mackintosh, I spent a couple of hours at the Royal Infirmary and a few more in my bed. I'd picked up a cold from a Road Scholar mate, and it had settled in my chest so seriously that I was afraid I had bronchitis. So I didn't get to see much at all of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but what I did see persuaded me that he was going to be my new boyfriend, and I started thinking of him as "Chuck."

Bill's tea room at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Bill's designs at the V&A.

More Bill at the V&A.

Oops, back to Bill's Tearoom.

What I didn't anticipate was running into Bill at Brideshead Castle Howard!

This chair was part of the Bill exhibit at the V&A. So I thought it to be his design.

And THIS chair was at the Willow Tea Room in Glasgow, so it must be Chuck's design! No matter which of them designed it,
I want it.

This chair is definitely Chuck's, at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

Terrible photo of a coat rack at Chuck's tea room.

Inside the Willow Tea Room.

I was so happy to be at Willow Tea Room. You wouldn't guess how sick I was.

My wonderful tea partner.

Joe got to do about half of the Mackintosh tour that we'd planned. He loved it, and says we will have to return to Glasgow so that I can see it all. Until then, here are Bill (on the left) and Chuck (on the right).


Janet O. said…
Bill and Chuck--what a hoot!
Love seeing their work here. Great stuff!
Sorry you were not up to par and had to miss some of the fun.
Barbara Anne said…
Oh, what shade of green am I? With a tad of envy that is. I'm so sorry you were sick and had to miss part of the Bill and Chuck tour but do appreciate the glimpses you've shared with us. Yes, you'll need to travel back there to see it all.

I've long had whatever of Bill's fabrics I could find and made DH a lap quilt called "Mostly Morris" as it has a few other fabrics in it.

howdidIgethere said…
Chuck's mug looks Frank-Lloyd-Wright-ish. Need to see more of his designs to determine if he's up to Bill. Lydia and I visited Bill's tea room in the V&A too -- loved the dishes which were so clearly Bill's.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Happy that you did take the time to get attention for your "cold" so that it didn't force you to miss the rest of your adventure.
Quayquilter said…
Gosh you packed so much into every day! A tribute to your stamina.
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