Who Knew?

I got my flu shot. It's an employee benefit that's even better than the two dollars a day credit in the cafeteria. I go every year.

This year, the nurse giving the shot told me to relax my arm. "More," she said. So I let my arm hang limp at my side. And I barely felt the needle stick!

She told me that especially for flu shots the impact is lessened with a greatly relaxed arm, but this also applies in general, to any kind of a needle stick. It's easier when the limb is limp.

I wonder why it has taken 62 years for someone to tell me this.


dot said…
Thats what I tell my patients. It is easier for a needle to pass through a cotton ball than a rock. A tensed muscle is like a rock.
Juliann in WA said…
Wish I had known that a few weeks ago when I got my tetnus shot - it hurt like crazy for days!
debijeanm said…
Here's another one. My husband (a retired physiology professor) swears that if you stand with your toes together and heels out when you need a shot in the behind, it won't hurt either. I haven't tested it but it's worth a try.
Lindah said…
I had the same experience today. Maybe they are just now learning this trick.
Doodlebug Gail said…
Going for my flu shot on Thursday - I'll remember this, thanks.
Your post made me laugh. I've given flu shots at four of our town-wide clinics this fall, and relaxing the arm is something I always say. It hurts so much less! I'm glad you got your shot....now convince all those non-believers that they really don't want to get the flu this winter (and spread it around!).