A Quilt for a Little Girl

Like many non-profit institutions, the school where I work depends on various fund-raisers throughout the year to help make the budget. And, like many other institutions, one of our fund-raisers is an auction.

The gal who runs the auction and does many other impossible tasks -- some of which involve keeping peace within the home and school association -- is a delight. She has more energy than any two of the Pre-K kids combined, and an infectious enthusiasm. So when she put out a call on the school email for people to donate things to the auction, I offered immediately to produce a baby quilt.

I had an abundance of wonderful fabric left over from the wedding quilt I had made for Tim and Ingrid, and I thought they would make a nice blended baby quilt. By the time I got done piecing the blocks and setting them, however, it turned out to be a quilt for a little girl. I hadn't done any hand-quilting for a while, and thought this would be a nice project for spring evenings. It was.

I finished the binding this morning -- two whole weeks before the auction. And I like the way it turned out. You can click on the picture to see the pattern.


Very lovely colors.

Nice blog.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Pure sweetness, through and through. It is sure to be loved.
Helen said…
Oh, this is a delicious quilt. I love your colors and the way they blend together.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Laurez said…
What a pretty quilt and such delightful colors! Laurez/NJ
Unknown said…
Love the colors and the pattern. I know whoever ends up with the quilt will love it
Nancy said…
No doubt that this quilt will be the STAR of the auction: it is beautiful.
Hi Nancy,
Beautiful quilt. You've done such a wonderful job and to donate it...very thoughtful.
*karendianne. said…
Great quilt and boy, I dig those blocks. :)
JennyBHammond said…
On behalf of the "gal who has more energy than two PreKers" and everyone else in our department - thank you for making this GORGEOUS quilt! I've been longing to see a colleague donate one...you're so talented:-)

I'm also glad that I will be freed up this year to actually drop by the auction...perhaps I will place a bid - for my nieces in NH!
Wanda said…
I love the quilt and am wondering if you will tell us what pattern or book it comes from.