Quiltville Comes To Not Far From Near Philadelphia!

Last night Judy and I had the best time! I'd received email a few weeks ago from my friend Bonnie Hunter that she was going to be in the area, speaking at a guild not too far from Near Philadelphia, and she wondered if I could come over. Could I!

I've been wanting for some time to get involved with a guild. I'd tried one several years ago, the one I believed to be closest to home, and let's just say it was not a good fit. Turbo and I had heard about another guild not terribly far, but the location involved some driving that was more complicated that I care for. I think I'm starting to sound picky. Oh well.

Judy drove and I navigated and through our joint effort we got to Newtown, about 40 minutes away, about five minutes before the meeting. The place was packed! We were signing in and paying our guest fees when we spotted Bonnie, who came over and gave us a couple of big hugs. The meeting started on time and people were surprisingly respectful of the president, who kept things moving right along. We were immediately impressed with (a) the scope of opportunities and projects this guild presents and (b) the friendliness of the members. Bonnie sat with Judy and me and led the cheering section for the show and tell portion of the meeting, at which point we were dazzled by (c) the talent of the members!

It's funny how you can know someone for a long time and think you really know her. Bonnie and I have been friends for about ten years. But I'd never seen her give a presentation before -- and she was excellent! Readers, I tell you, if you have an opportunity to hear her speak, do not stay home. She had us laughing and taking notes like crazy.

Judy and I didn't get home until about eleven o'clock, pretty late for both of us on school nights. But we came away with

--appreciation of a new aspect of our friend
--a thorough understanding of the fabric food chain
--a determination and vow to spend 15 minutes per day -- starting today -- organizing our scrap systems
--knowledge of a lovely group that we both want to join!


Helen said…
Nancy, what a wonderful evening you must have had. I must say, I'm a bit envious.

I don't belong to a guild either. I tried one close to home and it, too, wasn't a good fit.

I'm happy that you found a place to share and be inspired.

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
She did the same program for our Guild the week before. I was so impressed, I told Bonnie that she inspired me to begin the 15 minute routine before I remembered that I already do that! Now, that's an inspirational speaker!! I echo you, if anyone has the opportunity to hear Bonnie run, don't walk, you won't be disappointed!
Anonymous said…
Nancy said…
Hmmmmmmmm would that have been 40 minutes west toward Harrisburg??? Oh I wish I could have been there. Bonnie visted Chambersburg last fall and we had a great time. She is an incredible lady.


Gari in AL said…
Even when you don't know Bonnie, you come away with an organizational plan.
Tanya said…
Okay.. 15 minutes a day you said... I've read Bonnie's system on her website... That's how I got started blogging to begin with. But I haven't kept up with the organization.
*karendianne. said…
I promise, if the opportunity presents itself, I'll be there!

wrd vfy: unduo. A split in a singing group.
Lynda said…
It's really great when you find a group which you like. I'm lucky that there are two groups like this near me (one an evening group, and one a day) but it's amazing but true, that some quilting groups are not very friendly, and life's too short to spend time with unfriendly people!
Unknown said…
You know two doors down is too far to travel to a guild you're not comfortable with - but on the other hand an hour or more's no distance at all to somewhere that fits well - here's to many more evenings like that for you :o)