A Pretty Tote Bag

Ya gotta love a guy who says, "Why don't you go downstairs and sew for a while?" Even if it is followed by "You cough less when you are sewing. I've noticed that."

Wanting (a) to please my husband, (b) to cough less, and (c) to sew (duh!), I obediently trotted off. There was one Christmas gift I still wanted to make, and since it is for someone who doesn't read blogs, I could post a picture of it!

This great big tote bag is made from Kona black (my go-to goods) and scraps of Kaffe, some my own and some from Pat's bulging bag of goodness. I'm pleased with how it turned out. During the stitching, I struck a pin sideways, and my needle is off center. I proceeded very slowly and carefully since I was nearly finished, and early in the week will take Bernina off for a day at the spa to get her back in alignment.

The cough? Well, yes, there is that. It started suddenly and intensely on Thursday night. I went into work on Friday and did essential things for an hour and then came home. Have spent the past three days doing what I usually tell other people to do: rest, eat soup, drink extra fluids, and take drugs. The intensity pretty much peaked (I think) late yesterday. I managed to get a really good night's sleep and am no worse today. Nonetheless, I'm going to bed early tonight and will take one more day at home before returning to work.


Jayne Honnold said…
Get well soon! Your bag looks great; someone is gonna love getting that from Santa!
quiltmom anna said…
Hope you are feeling better soon, Nancy.
I am greatly saddened and touched by your previous post about David. May his family continue to be surrounded with love and support as they deal with his untimely loss.
Life does give us great joy and sorrow to deal with- Your young friend dealt with the sorrow and sadness in such a proactive or positive way. Thanks for sharing.
Best of the season to you and yours.
Regards, Anna
LizA. said…
Very pretty--love the black with those pretty prints. I just wish I could use a black tote bag and have it remain black for longer than a NY minute! In my house it would be covered with little white dog hairs in no time flat--sigh, the story of my life.

Hope you are feeling better. I've been fighting something for weeks and today woke up with one ear completely plugged.....
howdidIgethere said…
Hope you're feeling much better very soon! Love the bag (of course)!
b said…
Love the bag with its joyful colors against black. Well done!

Sorry you're dealing with the cough and hope it gets no worse before going away for good. DH had the flu last week and is still coughing and tired. I started with it Saturday so am still feverish. sniffling, sneezing, and aching.

I have 6 quiltie projects to finish in the next two weeks or sooner, cards to do, the tree to put up, house cleaning and rearranging, and a 6 hr. round trip to fetch DS2. I didn't need to lose these days to feeling rotten. Bother!

Germ-free hugs!
Barbara Anne said…
ooops! That "b" comment was from me. Wonder if I should dare to sew if I don't think to click on my name before clicking "post". Dearie me!
Janet O. said…
Very pretty bag, Nancy.
I'm sorry you are under the weather, but I happy to hear that you are wise enough to follow your own advice! : )
Following the good advice is hard-good for you for being able to do it. And build a beautiful bag to boot. I need to start working with a bit more black-you in spire me.
Anonymous said…
Bag is cute. now i'm imspired to make one....How are the log cabin quilt pieces coming together..My Granddaughter sent you 2............Gyll
Unknown said…
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