Matchy Matchy

I'd finished my secret project shortly before I got sick. Lacking the concentration to do anything important, and knowing that I truly do cough less when I'm sewing, I made a bunch of pot holders and mug rugs, some of which still need the hand binding completed. When I got mug-rugged out, somehow it just didn't seem right to start a new major project in the last third of December. So I went to the boxes of UFOs and dug out a truly ancient one.

What you see here is the center block and about half of the big surrounding blocks from a BOM that the Fat Quarter Shop distributed several years ago. I got those eight surrounders done before losing interest. The Fat Quarter Shop is terrific -- they give you patterns with very clear and specific instructions, and abundant fabric. I've never been disappointed by them. No affiliation, yadda yadda. The thing about this BOM, though, is that it is from Before I Took The Pledge, i.e., it is made entirely from one line of fabric, Moda's "Martinique." At the time I subscribed, I thought it was gorgeous. I still think the colors are pretty. But it is so matchy matchy!

I think I can bring myself to finish it, mostly because the blocks are all new to me, and I enjoy the challenge of a new block. When it becomes a flimsy, it will go on the stack waiting until a gift is needed and then will be quilted.

And that's all she wrote tonight.

Yours once again for Mucinex, codeine, and this time perhaps the infamous hot toddy . . . .


Amy said…
Have you tried Vick's Vapor Rub on the soles of your feet (with socks over them after application)? The Doctors Graedon have that remedy for night time coughing on their website.
Barbara Anne said…
Sorry you're still feeling so bad and hope you're well on the mend soon. DH and I are both much improved but find an occasional productive cough sneaks up on us as do sneezes and ongoing fatigue.

Amy's suggestion about Vick's is very interesting!

LOVE the ancient UFO your unearthed. The blocks are so interesting and fabrics are so pretty. It's not too late to throw some other fabrics into the mix as you finish it up should you choose to do so.

Am scrambling to finish up the two similar Shade Cascade wall quilts but with DS2 now home, I have to be much more sneaky.

Healing hugs!
Jindi's Cottage said…
Hope you are starting to feel much may be matchy matchy but the fabrics are pretty and such nice blocks...maybe mix it up with fabrics that aren't part of the range for sashings and borders?
Quiltdivajulie said…
Or simply offer the UFO project to someone else who adores matchy-matchy.

With so much fabulous fabric, why limit yourself to something you are not in love with!

Vicks on your FEET?!?!?! My mom always rubbed it on our chest. Either way, I hope you're feeling better (LOVE your light post above).