Comment Amnesty Time Once Again

I come to ask your forgiveness. My mailbox is out of control.

I love hearing from you. I read every single comment. My best intention is to respond immediately upon reading it. I seldom manage that. So I set them aside, believing I will get to them "soon." And before I know it, there are hundreds of them.

Today I reluctantly deleted about 200 unanswered comments. I did not like doing this.

But I am still sick. I have returned to work after missing six days, but I am tired and at the end of the day I am coughing mightily. The doctor said it would take some time . . . .

I am trying to think of things I can do to take care of myself. I have canceled all almost all public appearances until I-don't-know-when. I have bought prepared foods for dinner. I have relied on my saintly husband to do more than his share at home. I take a bit of a nap each afternoon and get to bed early. I take my medicine. And today I deleted emails. I'm sorry.

Please know that I hope you won't go away or think me rude. I just need to get a grip, in so many ways, right now.

And for rather obvious reasons, comments are closed on this particular post.