Bars of Bill

The first project that I worked on during our recent retreat was this one. Several months ago I had seen a quilt somewhere on the internet (believe me, if I knew where I certainly would give credit!) and figured out how it was made. I had a laundry basket full of William Morris and thought I could make a nice big quilt of this design and use up most of the Bill.

I was right and I was wrong.

I made a nice big quilt. There is still plenty of Bill in the basket.

I made a bazillion bars blocks and a lot of nine-patch blocks and bull's eye blocks and put them all in a nice box and set it aside, knowing that when I went on retreat I would have a big enough space to lay it out. I started on Thursday after dinner and worked a couple of hours, getting it all laid out right (with input from dear Helen and others) and sewed a couple of rows before retiring for the night. The next day I started in right after breakfast (scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese, yum yum) and by mid-afternoon, it was all together.

I like it a lot. More important, Himself likes it a lot. Which is good, because I intend it for our bed!


AnnieO said…
Gorgeous! Great plan:)
Gari in AL said…
That is just great!! And I like the fabric, too. AND, it does not look all that hard, even better.
Barbara Anne said…
Another great use of beautiful scraps! Wm himself would be well pleased at this visual delight and am glad the Himself you share your life with likes the quilt, too. There's a lot to like!! Well done!

Tanya said…
That's a wonderful quilt! I like it especially because it isn't flowery and feminine... It is hard to find a great masculine quilt.

LizA. said…
What a simple, yet very effective pattern. And I'm sure that all that extra input is what made it just so perfect :-)