Louisiana Times Twenty

I mentioned a few posts back that I'd joined a KFC block swap through Facebook. I believe there are twenty participants. My blocks are all made. I will keep one for myself and send 19 away.

After I cleared these Louisianas off my wall, I looked at the UFO list and picked out one close to the bottom. It is the 2009 Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt. When I opened up the box, I was happy to find that twelve blocks are finished! I was unhappy to behold my piecing skill level from 2009 -- many of them are kind of wonky. There's a finishing kit -- a center medallion of a sort of triple rising star and a lattice that seems to place small stars at the cornerstones. I've started on the center medallion and, by gum, I'm going to see this project through even though I am not at all crazy about it. I've learned that sometimes once they are complete I like them better.

Unfortunately, I believe there is another year's Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt to tackle at some point.

My objection to both of these projects is that they violate the No One Line Of Fabric Pledge that I took awhile back.

But they aren't going to finish themselves, now, are they?


LizA. said…
What a bright, happy design wall. Between you and Mrs. G. I'm getting the motivation to pull out some old ufo's and finish them -- in between the dearth of baby quilts I seem to be needing to make lately.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Just whistle while you work . . . .
Susan said…
Just think about how good it will be to have another project finished and how much space you'll create in the sewing room by moving this one out.
Barbara Anne said…
Love your FB swap blocks and the recipients will be delighted when they receive the blocks you send to each of them.

Cheers for getting back to UFOs and finding them partially finished! Methinks since they are UFOs with cutting and sewing still to do, you could add a few fabrics from you stash so this UFO adheres to your pledge. Just a thought.

Love the reminder to whistle while you work! I remember that song.