Spring, Near Philadelphia

Well, I may have written earlier that the woman down the street -- the one with the three daughters -- delivered a little boy week before last. I went down to take him his blue star quilt and was invited to hold him. He is a wonderful baby with a very solemn look and seemed to have a mild manner.

Similarly, the gal who has the three little boys delivered  Kate Elizabeth prematurely. Baby is home from hospital now and I need to go deliver her quilt, pictured at left.

The two moms actually know each other and are equally pleased with how this all worked out.

In other news, all of our under-the-deck birdhouses are occupied and there seems to be a turf war over the most desirable house. A couple of our daffodils have bloomed. I took off the flannel sheets. This weekend I am putting away my heavy sweaters.

A month or so ago, irritated beyond endurance with the HP laptop, I bought a MacBook Air along with a year's worth of one-on-one tutoring. I like it very much and have learned to do a few things on it. I keep a notepad by the chair and write down questions and take them along to my tutoring sessions.

Another task: Going through all of my blog posts and applying labels as appropriate. This will make it easier for me to locate a specific post. I'm more than half-way through this job and it has been interesting to look back at posts written years and years ago (there are nearly 1750 of them!). I believe that when I finish, I should celebrate with some sort of a give-away. Don't you agree?

Finally, I've discovered OneNote and am busily getting settled there. So I'm about as busy as the sparrows these days. And loving it.


Gretchen said…
Sounds like Spring Near Philadelphia is off to a wonderful start. I'm happy you are enjoying your macbook. I adore mine and appreciated the lessons/classes too. Just when I thought spring arrived in Santa Fe, it snowed numerous flurries yesterday.
Barbara Anne said…
How wonderful that the family with three boys now has a little girl and the family with three girls now has a little boy! Your quilts are a charming way to welcome these new little ones to the world!

As mom to a former preemie, I wish that wee baby girl well!

Spring has sprung here with forsythia, hyacinths, plum and Bradford pear trees all in bloom and the daffs are fading, This time of year and in autumn I put my skinny slivers of fabrics outside in the bushes so they can become part of nests and squirrel homes.

Cheers for organizing your blog for ease of navigating and for a new MacBook Air to make it a more pleasant task.

LizA. said…
I used to use OneNote all the time on my old Dell. But then I discovered EverNote which I much prefer. The main reason, I can access if from any computer, anywhere and the free version is more than ample for my needs. I've been able to file away all kinds of quilting tutorials there along with other "important" stuff. Even better, there's an EverNote recipe app for the iPad.

And, happy news if you use EQ -- they now have a Mac version so I was able to download and install it on my MacBook Pro. Yeah!!!
Lori said…
I'm so glad I started labeling when I started blogging. Good luck with that Nancy!
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