Rummage Sale and Frog Update

On Friday I didn't have to work. And I knew what had to be done.

Many of my friends have spent time this summer organizing their studios, purging their stashes, cleaning their messiness. Not me! Local people and blog friends all bit by the Dreaded Cleaning Virus. But not me!

Until Friday.

I posted on FB that I really had to go down and get organized and cleaned up before the Board of Health came to shut me down. And downstairs I went.

And these blocks, the last of which had been finished just the day before, were on the wall.

What would you have done?

I thought so.

It didn't take long, really, to put 36 finish-at-7" blocks together. This baby quilt is designated for someone who isn't here yet, but, by gum, when s/he does arrive, this quilt, the one I've called "Rummage Sale" because of the huge variety of fabrics, will be waiting in warm welcome.

Once that was taken care of, I really did get down to work. Himself paused in his work to take me to Home Depot where we purchased five more great big Rubbermaid tubs. And then I came home and sorted. Didn't take time to press and minutely organize, just put them into categories:

  1. Big Tub: Kaffe Collective
  2. Big Tub: Batiks
  3. Smaller Tub: More Batiks
  4. Big Tub: Black/White/Gray
  5. Smaller Tub: Bill
  6. Smaller Tub: Brights
  7. Smaller Tub: Solids
And then I opened the cordless iron my sister had given me on my birthday and plugged it in. I put the two quilts who needed borders along with their border fabric on top of the tubs. I washed down the sewing table. And then I had a shower and a big glass of water.

Update on the Froggy Mug Rug Give-Away: I've heard nary a word from Nancia, who was a no-reply commenter, so I drew a second name and the rug is going to Karla.


Karla said…
First of all, I love rummage sales and I love the baby quilt with that name. I hope it goes to a baby who will grow up to enjoy all a rummage sale is. Memories and more memories, all given to create new memories! As for the cup rug, I am so delighted! Thank you, I will use it at work!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Rummage Sale is wonderful!!! Congrats on the organizing.
Janet O. said…
Wow, you have worked hard, my friend! I have yet to be bitten by that dreaded cleaning bug, but things are getting out of hand, so I should expect it any time now.
What a great bunch of fabrics in Rummage Sale (I'll think of it as Jumble Sale in my mind, because I like to say the word "Jumble".) : )
AnnieO said…
Love the Rummage Sale quilt! I have been working in a mess but that's going to continue for another couple of weeks until two major projects get finished!
Barbara Anne said…
Rummage Sale is a delight and I can imagine a new mommy rocking her new baby and enjoying those many happy fabrics!

Mercy! You did turn into a whirlwind of cleaning and organization, didn't you? Sounds like you got over the cleaning virus in one day but what a lot you accomplished. Applause! I'd be flat on my face if I tried to do all of that in one day in my wee messy sewing room.

My excuse is that I, too, have two major projects to finish before my attention can turn to organizing. I hope.

Congratulations to lucky Karla!

Lori said…
I like the quilt! I was reading along and thought I'd read showered and had a big glass of! LOL Wine sounds better than water after all that work!
what a gorgeous little quilt....lucky person to be!
Shasta Matova said…
Ehat a pretty quilt - I just adore scrap quilts. Can you tell me how I can catch the Dreaded Cleaning Virus? I have been trying but lack the motivation. I would have been sidetracked with the quilt and forgotten all about the cleaning!
Tanya said…
I was just thinking that I needed to go get some Rubbermaid containers to use in my sewing room. WHERE I would put the new containers is another problem! I'm enjoying reading through your Alaska trip!