Gato Limpio!

Here's the story on this flimsy: 
  • A couple of years ago when the Renegades were off at a quilting retreat, the topic of paper piecing arose. People either did or did not like paper piecing. There wasn't much in the way of middle ground. I declared, "I'd rather give a cat a bath than paper piece."
  • This month, a particularly talented member of our Guild was Queen Bee. She gave each of us some arcs for paper piecing and some fabric for the alternate spokes. We were to add whatever else we wanted. Generous Sarah also gave us additional arcs, as well as patterns for centers and shoulders. She said we could make arcs for ourselves, but please not to share the pattern as yet.
  • I chuckled and tried to think who I could get to do that paper piecing for me and asked all my friends who had dirty cats if they would do it. 
  • Not really.
  • I made Sarah's arcs; they were not only remarkably easy but actually fun!
  • I made more and more arcs. After awhile Joe said, "What are you going to do with all those?"
  • I was stuck for an answer. So he created a design.
  • I bought cerise fabric. I made mylar patterns for centers and arcs.
This weekend was the Guild autumn weekend retreat. I took all of my arcs, my patterns, my white fabric, my cerise, and Joe's design.

And now *Gato Limpio! is a flimsy!

*Clean Cat in Spanish


Quiltdivajulie said…
LOVE that Joe created the layout/design -- way to go both of you! (Gato Limpio indeed)
Gretchen said…
I love this quilt and the story behind it. Joe is a fabulous quilt designer. Way to go team!
Karla said…
I love this story. There is even a moral! I think letting the architect figure out the design was brilliant.
Synthia said…
....and it's stunning!! Congratulations to both of you. (big smile)
Barbara Anne said…
Applause, applause, for Sarah's generosity and encouragement, for your bravery in giving the arcs a go, and for Joe's wonderful pattern. What a glorious and happy flimsy!! Aren't you pleased?!

Lori said…
Good one! I love it Nancy!!
Janet O. said…
Nancy and Joe--the newest quilt design team. Wow, you certainly got over your aversion to paper piecing in grand style. It is a beauty! How surprised were your friends to see what you had created, since they were probably all aware of your dislike for the technique?
AnnieO said…
Beautiful! Great quilt story. Glad your feline washing was successful:)
this is such a happy exciting quilt top!!
Quayquilter said…
Shows what happens when you get out of yur comfort zone - a similar thing happened to me with curved piecing recently. Joue may have designed the top but you have constructed it - very clever! Mary
Denise in PA said…
What a great job you did on this quilt! I loved seeing it come together this past weekend! What a great quilt design team you and Joe make, I think you should go into business - LOL It was such a fun weekend - so glad you could make it this time, Nancy! o:)
Denise in PA said…
I also meant to say, so that's what the name means - LOL! Perfect!