Mercy Quilts for Veterans

Our monthly hand-sewing group, the Uvulati, met on Tuesday night. We've been together for pretty many years, gathering on the first (or second) Tuesday of each month to work on binding, hand-piecing, hand-quilting, embroidery, hexies, whatever, while we solve the problems of the world and sing a little as moved by the spirit. Over the summer, we usually try to each produce a quilt for a charity that we've agreed on and this year we made small lap quilts for hospice patients at the VA Hospital. Six of us brought ours this  month; there are two more to be collected at the December meeting and then they'll be delivered.


Barbara Anne said…
What a wonderful group of quilts you and your kind quiltie friends have made to donate to the VA. Each quilt will add such colorful warmth and joy to the lives of those who receive them. Blessings all around!

AnnieO said…
The Uvulati? Hysterical.
Lovely job everyone did on their offering. Excellent cause!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I am certain the recipients will love these!
Janet O. said…
It sounds delightful to be part of such a group. Good looking quilts that will brighten lives!
Beautiful quilts and for such a worthy cause. So nice to have kindred spirits to share who share your interests