Small Accomplishments

It's been a busy and productive morning here Near Philadelphia. We're nearing the end of the two weeks that the school for autistic kids is closed for a break, and I have so many irons in the fire that I thought that I would tackle a few of them today. It's not yet ten o'clock in the morning and so far I've made progress on three small projects:

Here are a pair of hearts, one blue and one purple. Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild is supporting Orland Modern's effort to make quilts for individuals injured and families who lost a member in the Pulse attack. I signed up to make these two hearts and also to bind a completed quilt later this month or early in August. The blocks were so easy to do; I wish I'd signed up for more!

The Donkey Project is underway. We have seven participants and are trying to turn these donkeys around quickly so we each have time to make our project by the time the Convention starts. My donkeys are all bonded and will be hand-buttonholed, beginning this afternoon!

These two pieced potholders have been hanging on one side of the design wall waiting for another layer of batting, the backing, and the quilting. This was accomplished this morning and they go into the hand-stitching-someday pile. I cut my potholder foundation (usually Insul-Brite) 8" square and my backing 11" square. Then I trim the backing so there is 1" on all sides, double-fold them in, and hand stitch this self binding down. There are other ways to do pot holders, but this is my method.


Janet O. said…
Love those donkey! What exactly are you doing with them?
Karen said…
I love the pair of hearts! Did you make up the pattern? If it is a commercial pattern, would you mind sharing a link if there is one?

Please and thank you!!
LizA. said…
Love those hearts! My donkeys are in the mail.....I cheated and used the machine for my buttonhole stitch.