Today a Facebook friend invited folks to check in, to share how they are feeling at this point. I wrote:

Still sad and somewhat confused. I've read way too many analyses of why/how this happened, blame and accountability cast hither and yon. I do not plan to march on Washington (or anyplace else) and I do not plan to sign a petition asking electoral college members to break their pledges. I am trying to focus on what Hillary said, quoting John Wesley, about doing all the good that I can. That's where I am today. And thank you for asking, because I needed to sort out feelings into words.

And that is where I am today. Tomorrow I might be someplace else.

This is the image that has stayed with me. It seems this young mom was taking a walk in the nearby woods, trying to clear her head about the election, when she encountered Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. She reports that she and Mrs. Clinton shared a hug and some pleasantries. And someone took a picture.

Two days after the worst day of her life, Mrs. Clinton certainly would have been justified in saying, "I'm sorry. I need my space." But she didn't. Instead, she set a lovely example.


Janet O. said…
Thanks for posting this. Still trying to wrap my head around all that has happened, but I appreciated this insight into the graciousness of the woman that should be our president elect.
there is a twist in my stomach and a feel of foreboding.

But I am jumping right back on the horse. Tomorrow I will be sending letters to all of my state legislatures telling them that I want them to support the effort to stop partisan Gerrymandering in Indiana.

Find a local battle to fight for. It definitely helps.
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
I'm playing catch-up after two tiring days.

Your thoughts and words echo mine for the most part but I choose to be hopeful that the Dec. 19 meeting of the delegates to the Electoral College will honor reason and the popular vote, declare Hillary the winner, and make Donald Trump and his dangerous arrogant ignorance go away.

Meanwhile, my stomach lining seems to be eating itself. TUMS to the rescue. Perhaps I should buy stock in TUMS?