Just 80 Minutes: Part Eight

Reporting in early this week. Eight weeks of 80 minutes (in some cases, more) of concentrated effort has yielded the following. I can paper piece. Thank you, Susan, for this challenge. I will continue a bit longer and branch out a bit.


Janet O. said…
Good for you, Nancy.
And after the weeks that I have been doing "80 minutes" I now have a few gluten free baked goods that I am not embarrassed to serve non-celiacs. : )
AnnieO said…
Beautiful! A guild member is going to demo at our next sew-in and I'm anxious to get professional assistance! Thinking upside down and backwards isn't my strong suit!
Barbara Anne said…
Lovely and graceful! Applause!!

Love the wee house, too!

You're a paper-piecing whiz now!

Quiltdivajulie said…
Nicely done! I have a chicken I need to cat wash -- wish me luck!