Tula Pink Blue Yellow Orange

Over the weekend I got an urge to make Tula Pink blocks. I've made a couple of hundred of them in various color schemes. I didn't think I'd need to make more. But that urge came upon me and it wasn't to be resisted.

I've had a fine time.

My plan is for twenty-five of them, so you can see I'm nearly there.

I have a setting for them in my mind, something I haven't done with them previously.


Janet O. said…
The colors on these really pop on your dark design wall. Looks like you have been having some creative fun!
Love the bold and bright colors. It will be interesting to see what you have never done before!!
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
How bright and happy your colorful blocks are! Am glad you're having fun. I'll be interested to see the setting you have in mind for the blocks.

very nice....love working with solids...