Just 80 Minutes: Part Nine

I am so grateful to Susan for developing the 80 Minute Challenge! In nine weeks, I have gone from inept to confident as a paper piecer! Granted, I spent more than 80 minutes each week; most weeks, it was probably double that. But it was the discipline, the setting aside of the minimum of 80 minutes and working on learning a new skill, that paid off.

I have received word that the Queen Bee for this month has selected a challenging paper-pieced design for us to make. And I'm up for it!

So it seems there should be one more post on paper piecing. And then I'm  moving on to a totally different skill. Stay tuned!


Millie said…
Those blocks are super cute.
I'll be interested to see what you move on to. Congratulations on conquering paper piecing!!
xx, Carol
Janet O. said…
Look at you, all ready to tackle a challenging paper pieced design! Proud of you for facing your fears, Nancy. And thanks for helping me face my GF baking fears.
Barbara Anne said…
Well done you!!! Your skill set has grown and I'll look forward to what challenge is next for you to conquer. You're such an excellent quilter, I wonder what kind of quilt skill you still lack. What could it be?

Have fun mulling over the possibilities!