Rise Up

Forty-nine years ago we attended the "Navy Reformed" church; it was the nondenominational Protestant service (with heavy Episcopalian leanings) held in the chapel on the base at Mainside Pensacola, where my husband was stationed.

Each Sunday began with the color guard entering the church while we stood and sang, "Rise Up, O Men of God!" It was very moving and I came to love the hymn.

Now the lyrics have changed a bit (some would say a bad thing) to become more inclusive (a good thing) and it was sung as the entrance hymn at my church this morning. I couldn't quite get through it because the words were so meaningful this day; the tears got in my way. After church, I spoke with our musician who had selected the hymn. "It was Divine intervention," she told me. "I pick the hymns for the year during the summer. I didn't know then how fitting this would be now." 

I do love Divine Intervention.
Rise up, O saints of God!
From vain ambition turn;
Christ rose triumphant that your hearts
with nobler zeal might burn.

Rise up, O saints of God!
His kingdom's task embrace;
redress sin's cruel consequence;
give justice larger place.

Give heed, O saints of God!
Creation cries in pain;
stretch forth your hand of healing now,
with love the weak sustain.

Commit your hearts to seek
the paths which Christ has trod,
and, quickened by the Spirit's power,
rise up, O saints of God!


LizA. said…
Our church had a service filled with equally fitting hymns and a very passionate sermon that had our pastor on the verge of tears. These are scary times....
Thought provoking lyrics. We think these times are scary. I live in the most conservative state in the nation (a chart told me) and I can tell you I am surrounded by those that think these are liberating times. THAT is what is really scary to me.
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
Lori said…
stretch forth your hand of healing now,
with love the weak sustain.