Of Concerts and Blocks

This week Facebook was all aglow with people who were listing ten concerts that they'd attended, except one of the ten was a lie. People were to figure out which one. Sounded like fun, so I started my list:

1. New Christy Minstrels
2. Ferrante and Teicher
3. Leipzig Gewandehaus Orchestra
4. Philadelphia Orchestra
5. Cleveland Symphony
6. Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra

I couldn't even come up with nine that were true!

Then someone more innovative than I listed ten quilt blocks that she'd made, except one was a lie. I was in. I was so in. I listed: Log Cabin, Churn Dash, Nine Patch, Tula Pink #17, Dresden Plate, Pinwheel, Louisiana, Philadelphia Pavement, Bear's Paw, North Wind.

Apparently I am transparent. Half of the commenters guessed correctly. 

Today I decided to remedy that deficiency and made the block I'd not made before. I made it with the Alison Glass fabrics that currently have me swooning, and made it the same size as the Tula blocks. Here it is, hanging out with its friends and neighbors. Go ahead -- see if you can pick it out!

Several years ago my dear little friend Ruth decided there should be a block to connect with my blog. She invented a delightful Near Philadelphia Pavement and made two of them. I was dazzled. But I've never made any myself.

I guess I'm going to have to remedy that, too.

So here it is, standing alone, my first Philadelphia Pavement, made slightly modern by enlarging the outskirts which the original pattern has the same width as the HSTs and solid squares. 


Nann said…
I didn't participate in the concert meme because I didn't think I'd have enough concerts. But quilt blocks? That's more like it.
Janet O. said…
I could make quite a list of concerts from my high school and college days. Many of the performers have faded into obscurity.
How special to have your own block. Will you make more?