6" Stars

The guild is making a charity quilt (I don't know what charity exactly but what does that matter?) and this past week fabric packets were distributed with the instructions to make 3", 6", 9", or 12" stars using the purple that barely shows up in the photo as a background.

I decided to go with 6" and spent much of yesterday making this group.

There is one other design that I want to do but I've run out of background, so the Powers That Be are sending me some more.

It will be 9".

Stay tuned.


Janet O. said…
Are you making up these star designs yourself? I love them. No matter the source, they are so creative and unique.
I couldn't tell the background was purple. Now I love them even more.
AnnieO said…
Very pretty and vibrant!
Quayquilter said…
I'm always so impressed by your choices and the individual twist which turns out "just right".
Synthia said…
Those are very unusual star blocks. I've never seen anything quite like them before. I'm excited to see your 9" block and what you are going to do with them. You GO girl!!!!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I especially like the stars with the three flying geese and the tiny HSTs near the centers. WOW! Totally cool!!
Barbara Anne said…
What delightfully jazzy and happy stars! Well done! They will certainly add joy to any quilt(s) they're added to.