I'm really not much of a blogger any more. One would think that a half-retired person working part-time and having only one other person and one dog at home would have plenty of time to post. I suppose I do have plenty of time, but it seems I choose to spend it in other ways.

Today I had fun fooling around with some new F8s and FQs that came in the mail recently. I'd pre-ordered them and completely forgotten, so it was a wonderful surprise when they appeared in the mailbox. The photo does not do justice to the richness of the colors. 


I was thinking of you the other day so I'm glad you posted. Often I don't post because I think no one will be interested if I'm not sharing handwork. We are just being outside a lot and frogs and weeds seem to be our big focus.

The fabrics look like they are jewel colors and are really pretty. Glad you posted about them.
xx, Carol
Synthia said…
So nice to see your blog this morning. I'd been worried about you.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I am so sorry to hear you say that you are not much of a blogger anymore. I hope you'll continue to post at least every week or so to keep all of us who love you from worrying . . . nothing profound required, just a few photos or comments about what's going on in your world.
AnnieO said…
Summer seems a busy time with family and outings so I think a lot of blogs fall quiet this time of year! Hope you will pop in now and again to share your stories.
Janet O. said…
Those do appear to be colors with much depth. I like the white sashing in the 9-patches. And from here, what?
Nancy, I completely understand that priorities and needs change, but I, for one, would really love to see your posts continue, even if they are less frequent. I would be sad to lose track of you altogether.
Barbara Anne said…
I had suspected that y'all were on another road trip to some choice location or to visit family. It's okay to take a summer break at home, of course, but I join with others who have said they hope you get back to your usual interesting posts. Me, too!

Love these fabrics and they really pop on the black background! I do like the white sashing.