Cranky Old Woman here, with a rant about what's well on its way to becoming a former friend.

Remember when we all first got on Pinterest and followed each other's pins? And occasionally there would be an ad pop up? It was kind of fun.

And then, insidiously, the "Picked For You" crap started. And the redundancy. To the point that now, it seems, about 10% of the pins are from folk I follow and the rest are sponsored or "picked for me."

Y'know, I looked at a friend's recipe for a tomato pie. And saved it. Now my feed is saturated with tomato pie recipes. Prolly nine today of the original tomato pie and about twelve more different ones. Picked for me. Like I really want to look at all these variations of a dish I might someday make?

And if Pinterest knows me so well that they believe they can pick pins that are applicable to me, why the heck are they giving me shrimp linguini? And crab casseroles? Do they think I no longer have the shellfish allergy? Or are they wishing me dead?

I get it that there have to be ads on Pinterest. I totally get that. I'm not mooing about the ads. I just wish I could turn off "Picked for You" because I'm about fed up.

And if I ever do try that tomato pie and it is any good, I'll publish the recipe right here so that you'll be spared the barrage.

Thank you for listening to this rant.


I noticed the same thing. But could not put it into words. Thank you
Janet said…
AnnieO said…
You can turn off picked for you. Check settings!
Barbara Anne said…
Never been on Pinterest but can share a most excellent Vidalia Onion Pie recipe with you if you're interested. DH cooks and has made it several times for us and gave one to our neighbors this summer. They asked for the recipe when they brought the pie pan back! It's good!

Rant on as needed!

Synthia said…
I couldn't agree with you more!!!!
Margie said…
I stopped going to Pinterest about four years ago because of that. Spent some time trying to turn it off and then just gave up. Somehow I am still surviving.
Quayquilter said…
I don't get these because I didn't click on enable notifications.
Annemiek said…
and it is not as simple as changing your settings! I tried, I mailed Pinterest, did everything they said and stΓ­ll " picked for you" appeared as many as 35 (!) a day. It drove me crazy. I deleted my account and now , after a year of absence, I 'M trying again. We 'll see how it goes.....
Or what about when you search for something on an online store...then buy the item...and an ad for it appears daily on your "choice" ads..everywhere you go.
xx, Carol
Nann said…
I have a Pinterest board titled "My Quilts." Yes, the photos on that board are of quilts that I have made. Every so often Pinterest will suggest new pins for that board -- other people's quilts!