Crazy Anne

Everyone and her cousin seem to be making quilts from Jen Kingwell's patterns. And some of them have "invited" me to make one, too. I decline. This designer's quilts are intricate and striking. And they have too much going on, for me. It's a case of their not being to my taste, but I can appreciate the artistry behind them and the work that goes into them.

Recently one of the Jen-ites posted a picture of a block that she was making for, I think, Gypsy Wife. The block is called Crazy Anne. Without delving too far into Anne's presenting problems and mental history, I thought the block, while a traditional one, had a bit of a contemporary flair. And I had these wonderful bright bundles that I'd acquired after getting started back in March at the Lancaster show. So I made a block. And then another.

And here I am, sewing rows together already! Anne's going to need a border, and I have a plan for that. Alas, it will necessitate buying some fabric!


Lori said…
Definitely a cool block!
Janet said…
Good for you crazy Nancy 😀👍
Quiltdivajulie said…
How smart to isolate one block you like from those overly ambitious patterns and make it into something YOUR way.
Barbara Anne said…
What a happy quilt with joy-joy colors and patterns, even in the sashing! I'm glad you've had fun making these Crazy Anne blocks!

I agree that choosing blocks that speak to you and making only those blocks is a wonderful way of keeping your quilts unique.

LizA. said…
What a happy, happy quilt. I can't wait to see what you do for borders for her.