Mooing About Popcorn, Of All Things

Such an exasperating way to start the day: Cranky Old Woman here mooing about popcorn, of all things.

I want to share with you my experience this morning with The Popcorn Factory. It wasn't good.

I thought I'd send a little autumn surprise to some people I know, and past experience with products from The Popcorn Factory brought them to mind.

I was happy when I got to the website that there was a code for free shipping, so I placed a large order and went to the check out to find there was no place for the free shipping code. I went through to PayPal, thinking that I would be rerouted back to The Popcorn Factory to confirm the order and that the place for the code would be there. That's not what happened; the order went through with nearly $40 in shipping charges applied.

So I phoned to have it fixed. The person I spoke with said he would remove the shipping charges, and I was happy about that. I asked him to send me a revised order confirmation that would show the actual charge, and to refund my PayPal account. He declined the first request and said it would take 7-10 days to put the money back into my account. Yes, you read that correctly: He refused to send me an email confirming that they shipping charge had been removed. I was astonished!

I told him that if he wouldn't send me the email, then to cancel the order and to refund  my money completely. He agreed to cancel the order and, again, refused to send an email confirming the cancellation. Furthermore, he said it would take 7-10 days to refund the money I had paid just a few minutes earlier.

A conversation with his supervisor yielded the same result: A refusal to send an email confirming either the removal of the shipping charges or the cancellation of the order, and a 7-10 day wait for a refund.

I thought it was a good idea to share this experience. If you are looking for a nice surprise gift for someone, the popcorn from The Popcorn Factory is very, very good. But their customer service is very, very bad. You can decide for yourself it it is worth it.


Barbara Anne said…
How outrageous!

A similar thing happened to me when I needed to return slacks to Blair as the medium size was huge on me. The return shipping label would be a $10 charge to me AND my refund wouldn't be sent for 2 to 3 months. If I sought to exchange the slacks, there would be a similar delay. Of course, I could buy the smaller size and then await the refund, giving Blair my money twice. I declined that. I do like their sweatshirt jackets and will stick to buying only those from Blair.

Oh, and their "boyfriend big shirt" is made of very thin material and is cut for men's hips.

Moo on!

AnnieO said…
Holding customers' money hostage in this instant business society is antiquated, but very widespread. I do not understand why they would not send an updated statement. Makes no sense!
Janet O. said…
Maddening. I have not done any mail order business with them, but now I never will. This is just plain crazy. There are plenty of companies out there that truly understand customer service. No need to support those that do not. No email confirmation? What century is this?
I had kind of the reverse situation. I made a purchase from a pet supply place on line and was told it would be shipped when my Paypal payment processed which would take 3 days. I didn't need the order quickly, but I was surprised as I had never been told a Paypal transaction would take three days to process. Your story is a good one to remember..take a moment before you click and if you have questions, ask before you order. You wouldn't think you would have to, but sometimes you do.
xx, Carol
Synthia said…
I admire you for just "mooing"!! I might have used some strong language that would not have been lady-like. You handled it beautifully. They don't deserve your business!! And I thank you for the warning.
Nancy said…
It seems to me that if you paid with a credit card it would be a matter of punching a few buttons to remove the purchase from your credit card. It's sad when you find a great product and then have a bad experience such as this. Thanks for the heads up to avoid online purchases from the Popcorn Factory.
LoieJ said…
I recently used an on-line service to send money to another person. It was the only way to handle the situation, which I will decline to describe. I couldn't get it to work on-line with my credit card, the one I use constantly. So I called. The helpful man also couldn't get that card to work, so I took out a card we rarely use. It worked and of course there was a small charge, to be expected, but $1 more than if it had worked on line. Later I got the credit card bill and it showed as expected, but the credit card company had added $20 for a "cash advance." Really? That is like a 40% charge to put this through. I still haven't untangled that, but I won't use that card again.