Popcorn Factory Update

Well, I thought I'd go ahead and give you an update on The Popcorn Factory. And as you can probably tell by the *COW graphic, it's not totally a good one!

When last we left our hero on September 11, The Popcorn Factory had screwed up the free shipping on the order and had refused to send an email confirming the adjustment when I phoned them about it. I ended up cancelling the entire order in the amount of $143.63. And they refused to send me an email confirming the cancellation and added that it would take seven to ten days for me to get my refund. I said that was unacceptable, but they wouldn't budge.

This morning, on Day Twelve my bank balance showed no refund and my PayPal balance showed no refund. So again I phoned The Popcorn Factory. Oh, my, were they sorry about my situation. They checked and said that indeed, the order had been cancelled, that the refund had been initiated on September 11, and -- unfortunately -- I had been given wrong information. In fact, they said, since my order had been through PayPal it would take 30 days for me to get my money back. But not to worry, the refund had been initiated on the day the order was placed. So I need wait only eighteen more days for the refund. Again, I used the word unacceptable. Again, they didn't budge. They told me to call PayPal.

So I did.

PayPal was overly busy and their machine said they would call me back in 31-47 minutes and promptly at 32 minutes my phone rang. They couldn't have been nicer! Here is what they told me, and this is important:

First, it never takes thirty days for PayPal to issue a refund. 

Second, The Popcorn Factory did not initiate my refund on September 11. In fact, they never initiated my refund at all.

Ms. Helpful offered to open a dispute and then offered to open a claim; I agreed to everything. She told me that I was now out of the conversation, that the dispute was between PayPal and The Popcorn Factory, and that my money would be back in my account no earlier than today (!) and no later than Friday.

So, friends, again, MOOOOOO to The Popcorn Factory, and KUDOS to PayPal!

•Cranky Old Woman


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update, Nancy. It's good to hear that there are some companies that take care of their customers.
stitchinpenny said…
You are not a cranky old lady - you are a savvy consumer.
Barbara Anne said…
You're in the right, The Popcorn Factory is in the wrong in SO many ways! For shame - on them. Well done in sticking up for yourself and standing firm. Good for PayPal, too.

I just finished the last of 30 blocks (YIPPEEEE!) for what I thought would be my last ever HST quilt but now I have lots of leftover HSTs and cut 3.5" squares, most in purples but also blues, greens, reds, and black. Stay tuned.

AnnieO said…
The Popcorn Factory has a strange way of encouraging repeat customers! Glad PayPal doesn't.
Janet O. said…
Shame on The Popcorn Factory for their lies and poor customer service.
Thank you for sharing the positive customer service provided by Paypal!
Shasta Matova said…
Wow that is crazy awful customer service. And the fact that they blamed Paypal for a 30 day delay. Sheesh. I hope Paypal sues them for the lies. They must not want any business.
Millie said…
I've used PayPal for over ten years, and all I can say is PAYPAL ROCKS! There's a reason why I'm still using them. And aren't you glad YOU used them to pay the popcorn idiots.
I always use Pay Pal when the option is available. I have had disputed purchases paid for through the service and have ALWAYS been well satisfied with the results.

I recently had a dispute with Comcast. All I asked is for my billing date to be changed to a week later, as we are on SS and the bill is always due before checks arrive. I got absolutely no help. My request was not possible. A supervisor could not honor my request. I could leave a message for a higher supervisor who is on vacation for two weeks. I hate when I hang up the phone and am so mad about a situation that I really can't do anything about. NIPSCO, our natural gas provider is the same way. Makes me made just to think about it again.
xx, Carol
Quiltdivajulie said…
PayPal rocks indeed - they have had our back on a number of occasions. Kudos to YOU for sticking to your guns and following through!
Tanya said…
That is scary! I've been thinking about canceling something before the next automatic pay goes through, but for the life of me can't get through all the fine print to find out how to do it... these companies take our money so easily but make it very difficult when we want out!