Elizabeth to the Rescue

In my job as a chaplain at our local hospital/level one trauma center, I carry this little black 6" x 9" notepad holder everywhere I go. Inside, of course, is a notepad and a pen, as well as business cards and another set of tiny forms I use in trauma work.

I also carry a portable phone and a beeper with me everywhere I go.

So I can never wear anything that doesn't have pockets.

Last week my friend Elizabeth posted on Facebook about some special pouches she was making. They had a zipper and a pair of elastic straps. I asked Elizabeth if she could make a smaller-than-usual size pouch that would fit my pad holder; my thought was that I could put the beeper inside the pouch and somehow manage to carry the phone, which does have a clip on it. We back-and-forthed for a few minutes and today my postal person brought me an absolute marvelousness.

Just you look at this treasure! The zip pouch is gray, the pocket on the front that will hold the phone is purple, and so is the zipper. The beeper is small; it will go inside the pouch and maybe even those darned keys can come off the lanyard and go into the pouch, too.

Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I'm almost eager to go to work this weekend and try it out! And I'll wear my blue dress that doesn't have pockets!


Helen said…
How kind of your friend to help you carry your essentials sans pockets!
Janet O. said…
I love a compact solution to a problem.
It's a great pouch. That is what is so great about personally made items. You can adapt the design to the need of the user.
xx, Carol
Quiltdivajulie said…
Do let us know how it works out!
Barbara Anne said…
Wizard! It's clearly made with such thoughtful kindness in the stitches, too.