A Saturday Morning Outing

There's a new LQS in the area. Called Stitch Central, it is owned by two of our Guild members and it opened yesterday. It's not exactly in my part of Near Philadelphia, but the drive to get to it is only about fifteen minutes.  They don't seem to have a website yet, but here's a link to the FB page. 

Bonnie and I drove over yesterday morning to check it out.

Oh, my! It's just wonderful! There are three levels; the bottom one is a nice well-lit classroom. The main level has yarn and knitting needles and even some embroidery supplies. Upstairs is where most of the fabric is, and it's nice, well-curated fabric, all good brands, but definitely not the kind of thing you find in all the other shops. 

I needed the fixings to start a baby quilt. My daughter needs a special one for a gift and we decided on the type pictured here. It has to be gender-neutral. The baby is due in February.

Stitch Central yielded the perfect mix for me. The light solid is where I'll do the embroideries and the rest of the fabrics will be the other bricks. The binding, of course, will be the last thing and once the baby comes, we'll know which color (pink or blue) to use. I'm just delighted!


Barbara Anne said…
Goody, goody, another quilt shop close to you! JOY!

Your fabrics for this new baby's quilt are so perfect. I look forward to seeing the quilt in due time.
AnnieO said…
Adorable fabrics! We still have one quilt shop and one fabric/yarn store in town. Fingers crossed they will continue to stay open!
Cute fabrics. I like those embroidered squares.
xx, Carol
Quiltdivajulie said…
Wonderful fabrics -- I love shops like that!
Omg to funny..... Not in your area but only 15 min drive I would kill to have a shop that close....... It's at least 1.5hrs and that is a crappy so......
Nice fabrics enjoy.....