It's A Girl -- Times Two!

Two ladies.

Both work at the little school for children with autism.

Both named Stephanie.

Both expecting babies.

Both Girls.

Both due on October 5.

I've had such a good time this summer getting ready for these babies.

Steph T's baby gets dresses.

Steph G's baby gets embroideries.

I think my favorite quilts to make are for babies. It's fun to try out something new.

I make a baby quilt for each teacher's first baby. If she's having a second baby and the first one was before I worked here, she gets one, too.

As I've alluded, its a fertile place to work.
Here's a close up of my favorite among the embroideries.


Janet O. said…
It is so good of you to do this, Nancy. These are a couple of sweet quilts for two lucky ladies (and babies).
Nemo said…
Gorgeous quilts - lucky moms and babies!
Synthia said…
Those mothers are lucky they don't need to choose which quilt their baby receives. Both quilts are soooo adorable!!!
Barbara Anne said…
Lovely! Lucky Stephanies and lucky babies! Well done in having the quilts ready ahead of due dates, too. :)