We went to Alexandria for the weekend. Andrew was throwing a "I've Turned 40/Come See My New House" party and all of the family went to participate.

Andrew's house was going to be full of siblings and cousins; Joe and I opted to stay at the nearby Holiday Inn.

The social event was on Saturday night and we decided to spend much of Saturday visiting the National Gallery of Art.

Joe especially loved the Calder mobile at the entrance.

We wandered around and saw many different exhibits and had lunch at the delightful cafeteria by the waterfall wall.

Here are some of the pictures I liked.

This was the ladies room:

This was the very best picture of all, but it wasn't at the museum!


Nann said…
Thanks for the gallery show! i recall an Antiques Roadshow episode in which a woman brought in a Calder mobile that her mother had gotten decades before. Even with a part missing it was worth more than a pretty penny. Your next generation is getting big!
Janet O. said…
With that crew on the stairs, I'll bet things were hopping at Andrew's house. A room in a hotel was probably a good option. :)
Love the museum photos. The painting of the woman stitching by the window was very calming to me.
Barbara Anne said…
Nice to make good use of your time when in the Art Museum neighborhood and so smart to book yourselves into a near-by hotel! The kids on the stairs look ready to go fueled by that enviable kid-energy. Hope Andrew's new house survived!

Hope you are home before the hurricane rains get to Alexandria. It's been a soaking day a bit southwest of Richmond.

Quiltdivajulie said…
You are so right about that final photo being the best picture in the post! DH is a big fan of Calder and his mobiles/stabiles. It is always fun to find another one on display when we are out and about.