Oaks Show 2018

As is our custom, Marsha and I went to the Mancuso show at Oaks today.

Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild had a dedicated section for our exhibited quilts which were juried by a Guild committee.

I submitted three quilts and two were chosen to be in the show.

This is Nine Patch. I simply fell in love with the colors and the fabrics and wanted to show them off. I couldn't think of a better way than a good old Nine Patch.

My local machinist, Mary Ellen Ruhling, did a wonderful job of quilting Nine Patch.

This is Prime Time, a fun quilt. I used a pattern by Colorwerks, but instead of the solid color screens on these televisions, I chose to feature programs that I have loved over the years.

Of course I had to include a test pattern (wonder if my kids have any idea what that might be!) and some "snow" that we used to get when those rabbit ear antennae weren't aligned properly.

Again, quilting by Mary Ellen Ruhling.

Our Guild banner.

This year we had a fun challenge. Each of us was given 5 F8s of bright fabric and a FQ of a pale gray. We were required to make something using all of those fabrics and nothing more.

I think there were perhaps 20 or 24 of these and all were on display at the show.

These are just a half dozen of them.

Which one do you think is mine?
I didn't do a lot of shopping. I picked up a yard of fabric I needed for a border on a quilt that just came home from the machinist, and I found three irresistible FQs, and that was all.

I took pictures of a few quilts that I especially liked. I didn't copy down the names of the artists.


Anonymous said…
top row on the right!! the ladies!!
Janet O. said…
Your first quilt is very striking, and so classy in those cool colors. Your second quilt is so clever--very entertaining. :)
Barbara Anne said…
I agree, your quilt is top row, far right! I spotted it right away as I remember your dancing ladies. :)

What glorious quilts, one and all. The simplicity of your 9 Patch and those glorious colorful squares are perfect. I love, love, love the humor and wit of Prime Time!

Thanks for taking us to the show!
Synthia said…
I think it is the ladies as well!!! You MUST tell us the answer. :-)
Patty Stenpeck said…
I also went to the quilt show in Oaks.PA on Thursday with two of my friends. we really liked your quilt "Prime Time". There was only 2 of the TV shows that I could not figure out.
Quiltdivajulie said…
How fun to have your quilts in the show -- and I had NO trouble guessing which mini was yours!
howdidIgethere said…
(Marsha here) I'd seen the television quilt in progress, and dancing ladies are ALWAYS Nancy to me. I'd been attracted to the "9 patch" from a distance (partially because it's "my" color palette) but also because I loved the simplicity and the contrast between the rich colors and the white. I didn't know at that time who had made it.

I, too, liked the one with the women (lots of black and pink) and (sort of) remember that it was in the group from Japan. My very few photos were more technique-related -- things that gave me ideas for some type of variation.
Frédérique said…
Beautiful quilts, all are so pretty!