MAQ Report 2019 Part Two

The speaker from Friday night, Debby Kratovil, was our teacher for our Saturday class. 

Over the past couple of years, Judy and I both have moved steadily away from our position on paper-piecing, i.e., "I'd rather give a cat a bath!" We've made a lot of progress and have come to love the precision of the method.

But there is always more to learn.

So we signed up for Debby's Pickle Dish class. The project is a four-block design with borders. Our goal for the day was to complete at least one block.

And we did!

I mentioned earlier that this was the 32nd MAQ event. Events 1-31 had been held at another venue, south of Gettysburg in Maryland. That site couldn't comfortably accommodate the group this year, and so a new venue had to be found.

Of course there were a few snags. But surprisingly few. And, of course, there were a few grumblers. Again, surprisingly few.

Gettysburg is a beautiful, beautiful campus. One gets one's steps in by spending a day there. Our dorm was several blocks from the cafeteria and from our class buildings. We did a lot of walking. The  college was very accommodating and responsive to any issues. Interestingly, at the end of each day, we would run into some teenagers -- local high schoolers -- who were spending time volunteering on the campus. Their mission was to help the quilters get from one place to another, hauling our machine cases, toting our bundles. Lovely.


Janet O. said…
I hear you on the attitude shift toward foundation piecing. After my initial attempts I was sure I never needed to do it again. But the accuracy and precision are not to be found any other way on some projects, and the more I have done the less painful it has become.
I really like the Pickle Dish design. Congrats on the block finish.
Also, I have admired Debby's work in quilt magazines for years. Nice to put a face with her name.
Barbara Anne said…
Nice to have fit young volunteers to assist with the toting!

Love the Pickle Dish blocks you two made and am glad you both find paper piecing less daunting. Me, too. I really love your background fabric, too!

I am unfamiliar with Debby and her work so will look her up.


Anonymous said…
I've wanted to make a Pickle Dish quilt or at least try to make a block. I even have a pattern. I guess the only I can do is dive right in and try my hand at it. The blocks shown in your post are both great looking. Thanks for sharing.
Debby said…
Thank you, Nancy, for your very kind words about me and my work! I am blushing. I am making 12 more Pickle Dish blocks to expand my class sample blocks and I think I was a bit overzealous - but it's too late. I've paper pieced all the arcs and I have to keep going. Will keep you posted.