MAQ Update Two

Dragonfly Dance is a flimsy! I'm pleased with it. It isn't perfect by any means. But it was an ambitious project for me and I am happy with the outcome.

And here's my Pickle Dish. Again, imperfect, but another reach for me.

Going to LQS tomorrow to get backing and binding for both. In conversation with a quilter.  Feeling GOOD!


Anonymous said…
Love your pickle dish blocks! That is one of several quilts on my quilting bucket list. Better get on it!
Kathy B
Ronda said…
They are both beautiful! And they look perfect to me??!!!!
Janet O. said…
I am quite impressed with each, Nancy!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
The Dragonfly dance is wonderful, I love the movement and the open space behind which makes this a simply lovely visual piece. Pickle Dish has always been one of my favorite blocks (and foods-- pickles do count as a veggie, right?); seeing yours makes me want to do a PD quilt!! :)
Barbara Anne said…
Both tops look great to me. Dragonfly Dance is so serene and lovely and Pickle Dish is a colorful delight. Well done!

What size is each one?