Trinkets 4

Fifty Trinkets completed. Some were easier than others. Some turned out better than others. Now they must be put away for several weeks.

Paper-piecing these guys was excellent warm-up for camp which is coming up fairly soon. Judy and I will be taking two paper-piecing classes at camp.

Someone -- Julie, I think -- asked about the basket block. It's an extra from the Pneumonia Quilt this past winter. My regular go-to for piecing is Around the Block by Judy Hopkins. I've had this book for about a hundred years and it looks like it! I also use her third book, Once More Around the Block nearly as much. I do not recommend Around The Block Again, unless you are infatuated with templates.


Nann said…
I'm with you on the three Judy Hopkins block books. I got the first one when That Patchwork Place had a warehouse sale (circa 1997). I turn to it again and again. I got the other two on the strength of the first one. They are not as good.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Why, yes, it was Julie (me) who asked about the basket block. I've just ordered a used copy of the book (I see at least 3 basket blocks listed in the index). Thank you!
Barbara Anne said…
Trinkets is looking good! Well done on the progress you've made and I hope you're enjoying it.

I've never seen Around the Block but one of my favorite block books is "Marsha McCloskey's Block Party" as her instruction are crystal clear and shading options are shown for each block.

Have fun on the retreat!

Janet O. said…
I'd say those trinkets are more than practice. Looks like you have become a pro. I really look forward to seeing how you assemble your quilt.
I have the first two Judy Hopkins books, but have only used the first one--not crazy about templates, either.