Triangles Two: At A Snail's Pace

It is slow going, the assembling of this quilt.

Each row requires these steps: 

Lay one solid triangle atop one pieced triangle, placing it with precision. Pin in at least three places. Sew a 7-1/4 inch seam. Remove pins. Hope that the seam is right. Press it open.


It takes about forty minutes to put one row together. And that is if nothing is amiss. Sometimes the overlap isn't precise; it is lacking and must be ripped out and redone.

Sewing at a snail's pace.

Then it takes about another twenty minutes to join one row to the one below. As I mentioned earlier, copious pinning (and praying!) is essential.

This afternoon's row (not pictured) wasn't going well. The first three seams were problematic. I took this as an omen that I should take a break and do something different.

And so I did.


Karla said…
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Karla said…
This adorable little snail needs to be on a bottom corner of this quilt!
howdidIgethere said…
Love the snail! I have a book of paper-pieced animals... somewhere. But I doubt there's a cute snail like that in it!
Janet O. said…
LOL--when you are sewing at a snail's pace why not make a snail? It is adorable.
And I am really liking the triangle quilt.
Barbara Anne said…
Wise of you to pay attention to your difficulties in piecing and changing direction for a while. Too funny and totally apt for you to piece together a snail!! Still laughing here. :D

This is going to be a wonderful quilt and well worth the concentration, pinning, and any bother. If your snail isn't going on the front of this quilt, perhaps it could be part of the label?