Fractured: 1

Here's what's on my wall now, five blocks from finished. It is mostly Australian aboriginal fabrics with some Kaffes and some other odds and ends thrown in. I'm loving how it is turning out. Not all of the blocks are in their final positions yet, but the two focal points are. 

Do me a favor, please: Click to enlarge it. Now tell me (again, please) if the five blocks with the pink in them should stay or go. I really don't know. Either the pink is the zinger OR it is the inappropriate distraction. I just can't tell yet. If they stay, I'll add some more in a couple of the remaining five-to-be-made blocks and move things around. If they go, I've got more blocks to make.

Help me, please!


Millie said…
Hi Nancy,

Leave the pinks. It's a little fun thing to find. Don't make any final decisions until you have ALL the blocks on the wall. And if you decide to remove them, put something else there and then step back and look again. If it's better one way or the other, you'll know it. Then let it sit overnight and look at it again in the morning, or after some significant time away.

You don't want the whole thing to look so boring. You WANT something unexpected and fun in there. If you think the pink is too bright all by itself, then add something ELSE in there, so it isn't JUST pink, but pink and something else.

Usually the quilt knows what it wants.

Good luck,
Beth said…
HI Nancy

Love the quilt - the design is stunning and the fabrics you have used really bring it to life. The pink isn't speaking to me but it isn't screaming that it doesn't belong either. I would make a different block and swap it out as Millie suggested. You'll know which one belongs in the quilt.

howdidIgethere said…
I like the pink. Just not that two blocks with pink -- maybe even the same fabric -- are so close to each other near the bottom.
I'm still trying to figure out which fabric you are calling pink. I think it is a very interesting group of fabrics and nothing is jumping out at me and yelling "take me out".
Quiltdivajulie said…
Keep It -- you might end up moving it around as you shift things into their final positions but I like the way it adds a bit of sparkle to the eclectic mix of fabrics. Cool quilt (I love off center bullseye designs).
Barbara Anne said…
And here I was going to say I think the pink is a distraction but is not yelling to go. :)

Love the quilt!

Janet O. said…
This is a really visually pleasing design.
I am not a "pink" person, Nancy, but I have to say that I am not bothered by the pink in this at all. In fact, I think it needed that lighter touch to bring a little more dimension to an otherwise mostly intense group of colors. If you pull out the pink, then I would suggest replacing it with something else that doesn't "match" the rest of the colors, like light blue or lavender. That's just my 2 cents worth.
Cathy said…
I'm not distracted by the pink. I vote "keep it".
Nann said…
The unusual arrangement of the blocks is the initial attraction. The pops of pink pull the viewer in for a second, closer look. I'd leave 'em. Or leave most of them and substitute a couple of not-pink. Those you don't put on the front you can piece into the back.