Well, it happened again. 

Having finished hand piecing all of the Halo blocks (yes, already!), and having hand stitched the binding down on the quilt Bonnie made for Stitch Central's quilt drive, I was at a loss for handwork to do in front of the TV at night. I went looking to see what I could find and voila!

These CW snowballs were from a swap prolly fifteen years ago. I remember being smitten with them as I put the quilt together, and made those bazillion tiny HSTs. I christened it "Rhett Butler Slept Here." I knew it wanted to be hand quilted, so I got the cranky machinist (no longer part of my life) to machine baste it and started working on it.

When I unearthed it, I was astonished to discover that the center was entirely quilted and I had made considerable progress on the green innermost border. So last night I settled in with "Mercy Street, Episode One," and actually finished the quilting on that border.

This morning I marked the outer border. Somehow I don't think this is going to take very long at all to complete. My problem will be that some years ago I gave away all of my CWs, so I'm going to have to buy fabric for the binding. Oh, dear!


Anonymous said…
I still have quite a few CW fabrics in my stash. I can send you some for a binding if you let me know how much and what color.
Always happy to share the stash and help with stash reduction :-)
Kathy Boehm
Nann said…
Are we on the same wavelength, Nancy? (See my weekly update post.) I would be happy to share some of my CW bounty with you.
Quiltdivajulie said…
This IS an oldie - I remember when you were making it. Lovely stitching - keep it up!
Barbara Anne said…
What a treasure to have found in your search for something to work on! Love the title, too.

How kind of Kathy to offer you a binding of CW fabric. I was going to suggest you look at your dark fabrics and choose one that looks old fashioned. For my CW "Many Mini Fans", I found a black TOT in my stash that fit the bill for borders and binding.

Enjoy the hand quilting process!

julieQ said…
I would love to send you any CW you need. Lovely quilt!
Lcrrkhs said…
NAncy, I finally finished my LOTL quilt from your swap YEARS ago. I'd love to share it with you. Can you email me so I an email you the details and a pic?
Janet O. said…
Amazing what we can find hidden in the darkest corners of our sewing room. I think it is a handsome quilt, and some Mr. Butler somewhere would be happy to stay warm beneath it.
OTquilter said…
Kathy beat me to the punch. I, too have repro fabrics, and I'd be happy to send some to you. Just let me know the color and perimieter of your quilt. I find hand quilting to be very meditative, and the perfect hand work for watching TV or listening to an audiobook.