The quilting is complete for Rhett Butler Slept Here and I got the binding machined on this morning, so all that is left is hand-stitching that binding down.

I was deluged with offers from generous quilters who wanted to share CW fabric from their stash so I wouldn't have to go to the store.

My friend Bobbi delivered a shopping bag of possibilities and I was delighted with how one of them looked with the quilt. Bobbi's pieces were of various sizes, and it is a good thing that a couple of quilts ago I changed my binding cut size from 2-1/2" to 2-1/4" inches because there really wasn't much left at all after I attached this binding.

It's interesting that the Netflicks in the background during this project has been "Mercy Street," set during Civil War times.

There's a definite autumnal look to this quilt, I think, and it is apparent that its full, correct name is actually Rhett Butler Slept Here One Dreary October Night.


Janet O. said…
It is a good binding choice. Now THAT is cutting it close!
I like the unabridged name.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the quilt and your progress in having it nearly complete! Wonderful, too, that so many folks offered fabrics and that Bobbi had the perfect binding fabric. That is one tiny leftover bit of binding!

I have a wall quilt I made nearly 25 years ago using Mary Ellen Hopkins' Hidden Wells pattern. It's name is "Easter Week at the Jelly Belly Jellybean Factory". A quilt made just after we moved here is called "I've Found My Scraps, but WHERE is MY Stash??" I think your quilt's name is the winner!