Post Cards Again!


Earlier, I wrote about the quilted postcard exchange that our Guild held this past month and promised to share photos of the ones I received. Here they are! Nicole and Stephanie and Lisa and Nancy really delivered for me. And look how beautifully they all go together!

I want to talk for just a minute about the one that Nicole made, the one with the typewriter (click to enlarge). Typewriters have been an important part of my life since I got my first one when I was eleven. And for many years, I worked as a secretary, dissertation typist, and medical transcriptionist. Nicole, of course, had no way of knowing this. 

Nor did she know what fabric my mask is made from! Isn't coincidence wonderful!!!


Barbara Anne said…
Lovely postcards and amazing serendipity!

Janet O. said…
Great postcards. Didn't know there were even typewrite themed fabrics out there, but of course there are. There are fabrics of everything!
What is that saying--Coincidence is when God works a miracle and chooses to remain anonymous.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I had a lot of that line of typewriter fabrics - made a quilt that was given to our office manager. I still have a few of the yellow typewritten word scraps and some of what you used for your mask (SUPER choice). Wonderful postcards - keepers all.