Christmas Decorating 2020

It seems many people do their Christmas decorating as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I've enjoyed seeing their photos on their blogs and on Facebook.

At our house, we have a heavy Scandinavian influence and don't decorate until Lucia Day (December 13). 

So today was the day. Since only Joe, Lizzy, my sister Bonnie and I will be in our home this Christmas season, I didn't do as much decorating as I normally do. In fact, we didn't even buy a designated Christmas tree this year! A few weeks ago we acquired a new Norfolk Island Pine for our living room, and we just lifted it up onto a table and strung it with lights and Swedish flags and some red and gold balls. I have a large collection of Swedish Christmas people, but this year I didn't get them out. The one new and very special thing this time is what Joe did illuminating the front window. I love it.



Quiltdivajulie said…
I'm curious about how you came to have such a Scandinavian influence. I played the part of Santa Lucia in our 8th grade pageant - it was SO hard to walk across the stage with a cardboard circle on my head (the four candles on top of the cardboard crown were not at all secure). Thankfully it did not fall off - which was my very worst fear.
Shasta Matova said…
Your house is nicely decked out for Christmas. I haven't started yet, mostly because I am lazy. I might decorate outside this year.
Barbara Anne said…
Lovely and festive!

I, too, wondered about the Scandinavian connection. Do tell!