Little Things

Lizzy is the newest Little Thing in our home, and she keeps us on our toes.

Years ago, when we were living somewhere in the South, we'd drive past a building with a big sign out front: Work Hardeners. We never dropped in to find out what that was all about. It was much more fun to speculate.  

Lizzy's a real work hardener. And she's superb at it!

Nonetheless, I've managed to do some sewing. Nothing complicated or prolonged, mind you. But Little Things. Like these post cards. Our Guild is now in its second round of post card sending. I've really enjoyed making and sending these Little Things. I've used bits of Liberty for all of them. The first round (pictured above, bottom) I cut mantras from a piece of cloth and then surrounded them with the scraps. For the second round, I embroidered various bits and bordered them with the Liberties. Some of those have already been mailed before I took a photo.

I do enjoy making pot holders, especially at this time of year. These Little Things are cute as well as useful. 

I may have. mentioned that for the past several months I've been volunteering at a large food pantry one morning each week. The group is meticulous about Covid precautions; we don't get real close to each other, we wear our masks, and we are indoors and outdoors, back and forth, as we serve the guests. 

I decided I'd make a pot holder for each member of the Thursday team and distribute them at Christmas.

I have a friend who has an unusual fondness for sock monkeys and I'd been on the look-out for a while to find some fabric featuring these creatures. I came across a FQ on line and decided to make my friend a mask. And then I made him a pair of pot holders. And there is still some left. I guess that will make its way into my next interesting scrappy type quilt.

I've been delighted to have all of these Little Things to work on while we watch Netflix in the evening and the Work Hardener does her thing.



Quayquilter said…
Just what was needed at this time. Hope she brings you both lots of joy as well as making extra work. What a good home she has come to.
Barbara Anne said…
Lovely postcards and the sock monkey items couldn't be more perfect!

I'll soon be making some pot holders, too.

Astrid said…
Lovely postcards, love the scrappy pot holders. Fun sock monkey items. ...and that little cutie!