I first introduced my readers to the AFTBOTGOOGD in my first year of blogging. So if you're relatively new here, you might want to stop reading now and get the background here. A couple of years ago, I told it again here, this time introducing the Monilla family grave that is midway between the two we decorate. We always like driving by the Chinese section of the cemetery where there are usually oranges atop the graves, and last year we decided that perhaps we needed to bring two oranges along for our graves. This year we brought three.

In the past Bonnie has gathered greens from our cousin Doris's yard and fashioned them into sprays and affixed nice red bows. This year we did something different. A boy I admire from our church is a Boy Scout and his troop was selling custom-decorated wreaths as a fundraiser. At a very reasonable price. I didn't hesitate; I ordered two.

Today was the pilgrimage day. It was rainy and kind of cold, and the cemetery wasn't crowded at all. There was a funeral going on up the road towards where our grandparents are buried (we don't decorate there, but usually have a drive by and acknowledgment), so we didn't get there this time. But we did everything else that we normally do, and then, keeping with our tradition, stopped to pick up lunch and bring it home to eat with Joe. While we swooned over our toasted everything bagels with lox and capers, we reported all of the details to him and, once again, he wondered just what kind of a family he'd married into.

Here's the visual record, though one photo is out of order.

Bonnie uses fine wire to affix the wreath to our Uncle's stone.

In which we visit the Monillas grave, the one we've adopted, and were disappointed that they hadn't come to decorate yet. We left them an orange.

Our Uncle's stone with the orange.

Our parents' grave with the orange "a little to the left."


Pat Gottshalk said…
Yep, I grew up doing the exact same thing with my grandmother and her sister. I am sad to say they decorated with less flair then you.